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           Report: meeting March 2014                           

1. Working on the project:              
1. We have discussed and agreed on:
- The dates for the next meeting: from 21 till 26 September 2014.
-The dates for the meeting in France will be decided in Finland.

2. In order  to  compare and draw  conclusions on our regions, the economic situation , employment and unemployment students have had a grid ( employment  rate, unemployment rate, promising sectors , …)to fill in during the power  point presentations organized  on  Friday 28 March . We have agreed that all the partners would send the missing information to the Belgian partner, the deadline for this is 16 April.  The Belgian partner will write and post the conclusions before going to Finland. Host families, Comenius teachers and Comenius students will evaluate the meeting via the evaluation questionnaire on the blog. Spain will treat and transmit the results of this evaluation.

3. For the meeting in Finland: students will prepare a summer job interview.  Some of them might get interviewed in the enterprises they will get into. Finland will send a consent form for those who will be filmed. Each country will also prepare a presentation of the economy, employment and unemployment in the country.

4. For the meeting in Greece:  each partner will make present the unemployment legislation.

5. For the meeting in France: each country will prepare a power point about the minimum salary. France will draw and post the conclusions.

6. The website: Spain will post the description of the project in ‘home’; a new category will be added: unemployment legislation. The reports of the previous meetings will be posted.

7. The blog: Belgium will post a diorama on the blog in May.

2. Visiting Gosselies, Charleroi region, Brussels, Namur and Maredsous Abbey.
On 27 March we visited Brussels. The parlementarium with audioguides, in the morning. In the afternoon the Belgian students guided the visit in the historical center.
On 29 March, on the way to Namur, the bus crossed the biopark in Gosselies. In Namur, Belgian students guided the visit. In Maredsous there was a professional guide.

3. Visiting enterprises in Gosselies.
On 28 March students and teachers visited enterprises. One group went to the chocolate factory Bruyerre, another group went to Technofuturtic and the last group went to the W.A.N .Students had received a list of questions to make the visits interactive. In the chocolate factory some of them were interviewed and filmed by the local TV.

4. Dissemination.
On 27 March   parents who were host families, host students, journalists and headmaster were invited to have supper with the Comenius students and teachers at school.
 They could see the exhibition with the posters of our regions.

On 28 March we invited a green depute and she presented the region: economy and employment. Students had the opportunity to discuss the topic during one hour.

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